Maxxis Roxxzilla On Weld Cheyenne Beadlock Satin BLK


Introducing the Maxxis Roxxzilla On Weld Cheyenne Beadlock Satin BLK Bundle – the ultimate wheel and tire combo for your side by side. Taking your off road experience to a whole new level, this indestructible wheel and tire combination boasts superior strength and style.

Wheel Specs : BEADLOCK SATIN BLK 15X8 4+4 4X156

Tire Specs : STANDARD COMP 32x10x14

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 Tire : Maxxis Roxxzilla(32x10x15 Standard)

The Roxxzilla delivers elite rock-crawling performance along with rugged, 8-ply rated radial construction. If you’re looking for the best rock-crawling tire on the market, the Roxxzilla is it.

Roxxzilla Tire


Wheel : WELD Cheyenne(15X8 4+4 4X156)

The WELD Cheyenne U510 the latest addition to the WELD UTV wheel lineup, suited for off-road and sand dunes riding. The Cheyenne features a flow-formed single beadlock design with 8 window pockets for extra rigidity and decreased weight for optimal off-road performance.

Cheyenne Beadlock Wheels


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