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MAXIMA SynBlend 4 Oil

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SYN BLEND 4T 10W-40 1L 12/CASE

  • Semi-synthetic, ester-based 4-stroke engine oil
  • Superior protection at any temperature
  • Excellent clutch feel and clutch protection
  • Shear-stable, ester-based formula maintains oil viscosity and film thickness
  • Proprietary additive system and synthetic base oils combine to minimize oxidation and wear
  • Increases durability and extends engine life
  • Exceeds API SL and JASO MA2 specifications

MAXIMA : 34901B
UPC: 851211004888

Additional information

Weight 2.12 lbs
Dimensions 5.75 × 2.6 × 9.15 in

SYN BLEND 4T 10W-40 1L 12/CASE – VPN: 34901B, SYN BLEND 4T 10W-40 1GAL 4/CASE – VPN: 349128B, SYN BLEND 4T 20W-50 1L – VPN: 35901B, SYN BLEND 4T 20W-50 1GAL – VPN: 359128B, SYN BLEND 4T 10W-30 1L 12/CASE – VPN: 30-32901B, SYN BLEND 4T 10W-30 1GAL 4/CASE – VPN: 30-329128B, SYN BLEND 4T 15W-50 1L 12/CASE – VPN: 30-36901B, SYN BLEND 4T 15W-50 1GAL 4/CASE – VPN: 30-369128B

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